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Nishiki Sugawara-Beda, Inaugural II, 22"×30", Sumi ink and acrylic on paper mounted on wood

Execute Project Emerges as One of the Contemporary Art Galleries in Dallas

Execute Project and Execute Magazine

Execute Project was founded in 2019 with its physical space located in Dallas, Texas. Projects have been designed to feature four exhibitions each year, as well as pop-up exhibits at various locations. The idea of the project and physical space arose with the need for a facility for Execute Magazine which was founded in 2017. This is one of the aspects of this space but it is not limited to just this. Execute Project intends to engage in art-fairs. The Project also plans to become an active voice on the contemporary art galleries scene. Execute Project co-exists with Execute Magazine which was established to promote both emerging and established artists. The Magazine’s article and interview contents are gotten only by invitation to assure quality over the quantity. Here, we have one family with two different goals but the same intention to promote art.

Execute Project

Execute Project’s recent exhibition in Dallas

In March 2019, Execute Project opened its first exhibition that features works by Nishiki Sugawara-Beda. In the exhibition titled “Tonality,” paintings and sculpture installations have been presented by artist. It is the first exhibition out of the four planned for the year and it is currently holding in the space created. Through her work, Nishiki Sugawara-Beda explores the power of mark-making—a spiritually engaged mark-making. Nishiki consciously applies marks, create forms and patterns that represent her mindless state of mind and emotions. Nishiki says, “The mark can be simple, yet holds everything. The essential is the focus, and it is most accessible in abstract forms because it enables us to connect both with the essential and with each other.” The exhibition ends on May 1st, 2019.

Execute Project contemporary art galleries, Nishiki Sugawara Beda
Execute Project contemporary art galleries, Nishiki Sugawara Beda

Execute Project as one of the contemporary art galleries in Dallas

Execute Project sees itself as a movement that will plant the seed for new types of artistic projects. According to Bartosz Beda who is the founder of the project, the idea goes back to the 15th Century when artists had storefronts attached to their studio. This allowed them to produce and sell work to people other than relying on patrons ordering a commissioned work. It is a very important concept that can be explored more in this age of e-commerce and branding. Space is located about 15min from Dallas Art District where most of the contemporary art galleries are located. Bartosz Beda, says, “the location is important.” But at the same time he admits, “Everything is now online and it is impossible to expect a collector to travel across the globe just to see a piece of art.” This underlines the importance of personal connections as well as virtual ones in running a project like this.

Execute Project Gallery on Artsy

Choosing online versus in-person

Today, the internet offers you many options to sell and create your own e-commerce as well as build your own ground without any direct connection to other aspects of the Contemporary Art scene. An artist can work with galleries and institutions while also creating his/her own e-commerce site and building a brand that uniquely defines what they present to the art world. Execute Project’s goal is to promote artists by introducing current and future technologies that would change our way of viewing art. We all know how important it is to experience art in person and nothing can change that. Art isn’t meant to be restricted to the screen. Therefore, Execute decided to introduce a physical space where artworks can be displayed and seen in person. However, it is important to create the right approach online that will bring about a similar experience in a different way. There are several galleries that have large and beautiful spaces, but lack sufficient online presence. Putting the work on a website is not enough and Execute Project intends to be more active by increasing its online presence through articles and branding.

Why did Execute Project partnerships with Artsy?

Execute Project is in partnership with Artsy, as this platform enhances the relationship between different galleries and collectors over time while also providing immediate exposure. Artsy is a platform for Galleries and institutions. It allows a collector to find artists and galleries in one place. So far, Execute Project has three artists whose works have been put up on the site and they are available for sale. By following the gallery, you always stay in touch with Execute as you would get notifications when new artwork is uploaded. It is a nice way to support your favorite artists and it provides a platform for artists to stay in touch with their collectors. It is a form of virtual presence although only a small element for the gallery to be visible.