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Bartosz Beda Solo Exhibition at Brownsville Museum

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The artist, Bartosz Beda was born in Poland in 1984. Bartosz Beda attended a Private Secondary Art School in Lodz, Poland, where he learned traditional drawing and painting. Between 2015 and 2008, he worked on two animations in which one of them received an Oscar award. That same year, he relocated to the United Kingdom where he received his BA (2011) and Masters (2012) in painting from Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art. In 2012, he was selected for the Catlin Art Guide as a promising emerging talent in the UK. He went on to win numerous awards for his work in Europe and the United States. He was also awarded a scholarship to Dresden Academy of Art, Germany between 2012-2013. In 2016, Bartosz received a fellowship from the Fondazione Perl’ Arte in Rome, Italy. His latest one-man exhibitions include the Mildred M. Cox Gallery in the U.S. 2018, the Hopkins Art Center also in the U.S. and The Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, July 2019. (This is his first major solo exhibit in Texas). Mr, Beda also occasionally explores the medium of sculpture. He currently lives and works in Dallas, Texas and at times teaches as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University and Booker T. Washington for the Visual Arts, 2018-2019.

Mark Rothko as Impact on Bartosz Beda

In a recent interview, he had mentioned he was an admirer of the late artist, Mark Rothko and the teachers that made the biggest impact upon his artistic development were, Pavel Bulcher and Sharon Hall, professors at the Manchester School of Art. When asked where he would like to see himself ten years from now, he answered: “I see my work in Bienalle’s and Museums. I see myself shaking the hand of the President of the United States and being on the cover of Time Magazine.”

Paramount of Eternity at Brownsville Museum

“Paramount of Eternity” is the title of Bartosz Beda chose for this exhibit at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art. The inspiration for these paintings are loosely based on the ancient Greek myth of the King of Corinth, Sisyphus. The story, in a nutshell, was Sisyphus incurred the wrath of Zeus for informing the river god, Asopus that a mighty eagle had carried his daughter, Aegina, to a nearby island. When Zeus learned what Sisyphus had told Asopus, he sent the king to Hades to forever roll a large stone uphill only to have it fall back on him before he could place it on top of the hill.

Sisyphus Progress

In Mr, Beda’s own words, he said: ” My work was always related to history, politics and social changes. This exhibition is no different. This time, I am focusing on women’s voices and rights- especially in this recent political climate. The fact that [ like in the tale of Sisyphus] the stone keeps rolling back down the hill may not necessarily a bad thing; it is a work in progress when each time the rock represents new changes. As a society, we learn to make progress. This progress through political and social decisions can be reversed and put pressure on people. That rock represents issues and progress in our contemporary world. Sisyphus represents us in our inability and limitations to make that rock stay on top of the hill.”

Written by Karl Lieck, the educational curator at Brownsville Museum of Fine Art.

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Paramout of Eternity Solo Exhibition by Bartosz Beda

Exhibition Dates

Reception: Wednesday July 10th, 2019 @ 6pm

Exhibitions Dates: July 10 – September 7, 2019

Address: 660. E. Ringgold St. Brownsville, Texas 78520 Ph. 956.542.0941

For more information about artist Bartoz Beda, please visit his Artsy profile.

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