Mitja Konic

Mitja Konic was born in 1984 in Slovenj Gradec in Slovenia. In 2004 he began studying painting at the University of Fine Arts Ljubljana, graduating in 2011. From 2012 to 2014 he was a master student of Prof. Christian Sery at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, Germany. In the same year he was awarded the DAAD scholarship for artists.


Mitja Konic’s paintings deals intensively with the philosophical, spiritual and meditative relationship between man, nature and thing.
On the one hand, his pictures and works on paper allude to excerpts of landscape worlds, but on the other hand to abstract worlds that are populated with figures. These are part of the whole pictorial space, just as the deconstructed landscape is part of the figures.

Konic has managed in his painting to create an intermediate world that unites the disconnected. According to Konic, visual art must bring together and condense formal and semantic elements that appear isolated in the outer world in the process of articulating the image. And Konic’s works redefine just these boundaries between objectivity and abstraction, between contentual stories and visual design. The entire painterly process – including all technical aspects – plays a very important role for him. Among other things, he builds his own image carriers, makes his own brushes and works with raw pigments. Thus he creates an artistic vocabulary and his signature style that allows him to formulate his alchemistic thinking and his meditative worldview.