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#1 Reason To Buy Art Online

Your #1 Reason to Buy Art Online

Seeing art enhances dopamine and the activity in the brain’s frontal cortex, which results in feeling pleasure comparable to as being in passionate love or recreational drug-taking. This should be enough reason to make your walls full of art! Buy art online directly from artist or online galleries.

Unique Is the Name For Your Walls

Bartosz Beda came up with a few ideas this year how to make art in a simple, unique and affordable way. His latest concept of Meta Tag Project that he started in July 2019 is almost sold out. Beda makes his series unique and affordable. If you crave for art that will be valued in millions, then you should keep an eye on the artist like Bartosz Beda.

Don’t Say its Expensive or You Can’t Afford It.

When you buy art online, you can compare that to buying coffee every day. Do the math to find out that if you do not buy a cup of coffee for 20 days, you will have $100 to spend on art. Execute Project will find you a perfect original art starting as low as $100. If you are nor passionate about art, consider to reread the first paragraph and see you you have changed your mind.

Artist Have Expenses Just Like Us

When you buy art online work from living artists, you give them a drive and believe that their art means something. Your purchase supports their artistic process and helps them to develop new fresh ideas. Put the myth of starving Van Gogh to the trash! These 19th-century methods of artists barely making ends are not working today, and buying art online are one of the ways to promote an artist. Furthermore, the cost of materials, studio rent, shipping, and other fees sometimes exceeded the number of sales and money made from art.

buy art online nishiki sugawara-beda
Work by Nishiki Sugawara-Beda

Do you have an echo in your home?

That’s right. If you can hear voice bouncing between the wall and corridors of your house or apartment, then buy art online and get rid off this bare wall and echo in your home or apartment. Consider a consultation with Execute Project about your interest in purchasing art. If you have already a collection of fantastic original artwork that is better, as we can find something you like or want to discover.
Some artist from time to time makes special projects and exclusive offers of their art. Even if your budget is enormous to spend on art, you also can start buying special editions and unique limited projects. Adding Meta Tag Project artwork by Bartosz Beda might be a way to start your collection – before you buy more significant pieces of the same artist.

What Does Art Do To You When You Buy Art Online?

Artworks lead to uplifting your mood and bringing deeper senses to your space. The University of Western Australia has found that experiencing and engaging in arts for just two hours a day can have a positive effect on your mental health. Art on your wall is your reliable therapy in dementia, depression and other mental illnesses. Google it!

Connect Buying Online and in the Gallery

Those things go together. Execute Project has a physical space, but we also believe that what is online is not in the gallery and vice versa. Before you step into a gallery’s door, you often do your research online.

Experiencing art in person is an essential thing, and 4K screens will not take that experience away. You, as an art collector, can view artworks online in your own time without having someone influence your decision to buy. That is the beauty of it. To further your research and make the right decisions, you can ask Execute Project for a consultation and advice before you buy art online.

Only One Click Away

When you access an online shop to buy art, you are a couple of clicks away. You maybe missed the opening or closing reception of the artist you want to collect. Or you missed your flight to Dallas, TX to see the artist at Execute Project. It happens, and we understand that. That is why it is easier to buy it online with secure payment. If you are from DFW or live in Texas, we can drive with artwork to your home. If you are indecisive, we can discuss the chance to hang artwork in your home to see if you like it without obligations.

We Can Work With Your Interior Designer

Redecorating or moving to a new home can be challenging. We will be happy to connect with your interior designer and establish a personal connection with you, the owner, to help decorate your walls with art. You don’t want to go with easy decorations available in stores, as you need something that will be an investment for your future. You never know when you discover next Damien Hirst or Jeff Koons while redecorating your home.

Schedule Your Consultation with Execute Project

Do it! Execute Project, is consistently ahead of the curve, not just influencing art, but often changing it. By offering artworks from international and national artists. We keep things simple and accessible. We can exchange email, phone calls, or visit your home to find a perfect art for your soul.